May 2021 Girl Boss: Tenelle Thomas

Tenelle Thomas

Tenelle Thomas is a woman with many hats she is a mother, a motivational speaker, national pageant queen and yes she is a plus size model. She has a wonderful eye for fashion as well as a stylist and event planner.


Tenelle is a 44 year old mother of five: 2 biological and 3 adopted. She has worked in social services, child protection, corrections, and education for 20 years as a mentor and youth advocate.


Beauty is not her only asset; she is also an educated woman holding down a bachelors degree in Sociology Crime, as well as Community, Youth and Family Ministry. She also has successfully obtain her Master’s in Business Leadership . She has a personal goal that her education will not be completed until you see PhD behind her name. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Marriage, Family and Couples Counseling with the goal to continue on with her doctorate in Psychiatry.


Tenelle is a self-proclaimed “system brat.” In her words, her life is  “a success story that came from an abusive broken home, but was blessed to grow up a awesome foster home. That home solidified her faith in God, which  has been her foundation through it all.  It has allowed her to tackle any and every obstacle that has came her way.”


This shining star is a spontaneous, energetic, and tenacious woman with many rich layers that is ready to take on the world! She is a single mother of five two natural three adopted. Tenelle’s life motto is, “Live the life you live and live the life you love!”

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