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Introducing Angelica Lamas-Baker, our March 2021 Girl Boss of the Month!
Here’s a little more about her:

Book (s) & Chapter Name (s): She Is The Ish: Journeys Through Womanhood Chapter: Earning My Stripes

She Is The Ish: The Is My Superpower Chapter: (Im)Possible

She Is The Ish: Crown Me Queen Chapter: Dare to Truth

She Is The Ish: Passion, Purpose and The Pursuit of Dreams Chapter: En Route

She Is The Ish: Survivor to Conqueror: Forged In Fire

She Is The Ish: Journey to Love Chapter: This Is Dedicated To The One I Love

She Is The Ish: Out of The Blue The Collected writings of Angelica Lamas-Baker from the She Is The Ish Book Series

Chapter Summary (only 4 Lines max.): Survivor to Conqueror: Confession time: I do not see myself as either one of these. I feel like to call myself either one of these terms is to fight myself”… I am a Virago being forged in the fire like the strongest weapons of war. She Is The Ish: Out Of The Blue is a collection of my writings for the She Is The Ish anthology project headed by Erial Ramsey, “The Dream Queen.” Found within these pages is a small glimpse into my personal journey with my rare condition, acceptance and finding my path in life, even if it that meant taking the road less traveled.
Brief Bio : Angelica Lamas-Baker, The Rare Queen, is an author, empowerment/mindset and advocacy coach, and a rare disease patient advocate from Kansas City, KS. She is often found crisscrossing the U.S. lobbying for rare disease legislation and participating in conferences and events in many roles including being a voice and support system to her fellow zebras. Angelica has a passion project the Royalty en Route Foundation to empower, encourage and equip rare disease and special needs individuals with the means to unlock their potential. She now has a podcast The Rare Queen: Out of The Blue which can be found on Podbean, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Spotify. For more about Angelica and Royalty en Route find her on Facebook & Instagram @AngieoutoftheBlue and Twitter @RareQueenAngel or please visit www.RoyaltyEnRoute.com.
Hobbies: Painting and Mixed Media Art, Jewelry Design, Random Acts of Kindness, and Community Service
Recent Accomplishments: Today’s International Woman’s Curvy Elite Mrs. Kansas 2020/2021
Kansas Rare Action Network Ambassador
2020 Gold Level Presidential Volunteer Service Award Recipient
What is the best advice you have ever given or received? : “Don’t pressure yourself. Don’t worry about what others think you should do or what the social norm is. Do what moves you and makes you smile and the good will follow.” – Misha Collins

Introducing Alea Carter, our April 2021 SITI Girl Boss of the Month! Here’s a little more about her:

Book (s) & Chapter Name (s): Journeys Through Womanhood; Wholiness or Hell
Chapter Summary (only 4 Lines max.): Living a life led by God affords us wholiness (soundness of mind, body, soul, and spirit). It isn’t about rules and regulations; but rather relationship with Him. While we await ascension to Heaven, we can live heaven on Earth.
Brief Bio : Alea Carter is the Certified Personal Development & Empowerment Life Coach and Founder of Be Whole Life Coaching LLC. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she has been married to husband, George Leon Carter Jr., for nearly 10 years and has two young sons.

Although her educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Communication Studies and International Studies, Coach Alea Carter focuses on providing clarity, encouragement, and accountability for women of faith seeking better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Hobbies: Reading, singing, enjoying a movie night with the hubby and kids
Recent Accomplishments: Founder and Leader of The Wholly Living Private Virtual Community for Women

Earned the Life Coaching Designation of Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach (ACELC) through The Empowerment Coach Academy

Online Course Creator

Co-founder of Alpha Omega Against the Odds Marriage Ministry

What is the best advice you have ever given or received? : We are all meant to SHINE! So Shine!