Journeys Through Womanhood

She is the Ish: Journeys Through Womanhood is a transparent collection of stories from everyday women who bravely chose to share their personal journeys through womanhood. Death, break-ups, low self-esteem, fear, and self-doubt all pave these paths– but also strength, confidence, healing, purpose, and faith.

This is my Superpower!

Authors dive into what makes them unique, what gives them strength, what obstacles they’ve overcome and what they offer to the world around them. The stories are powerful, relatable and authentic. Hopefully, you will find yourself in these stories and it inspires you to share your own superpower with the world.

She Dreams in Real Life

She Launches Dreams in Real Life is a collection of true stories from everyday women who dared to chase their dreams, even when the path was not clear. Read and become inspired by how each Dream Pusher navigated through life’s uncertainties to reach her destiny. Learn how purpose and passion continues to drive these women to help others achieve their dream


Crown Me Queen!

Crown Me Queen is unique because ALL THE AUTHORS are current or former pageant queens. Some women share the impact of pageantry in their lives, while others share the inspiration behind their own pageant careers. Every chapter will inspire you. If you have never competed in a pageant, this book may inspire you to enter your first one! The accompanying journal has quotes from the book.

Passion, Purpose & the pursuit of Dreams

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Survivor To Conqueror

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